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Learn how finance teams manage debt to increase revenue.

Evaluate risks and potential returns of debt investments to make informed capital allocation decisions.

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FundStory has been a game-changer for our finance team. We can now easily manage our debt and make informed decisions that increase our revenue. It's user-friendly and has saved us so much time and effort.


Great support and guidance

FundStory has been a valuable tool for our finance team. It's helped us gain a better understanding of our debt and make strategic decisions that increase our revenue. The team at FundStory is also always available to provide support and guidance.


Quest Ai
Intuitive and user-friendly

FundStory has exceeded our expectations. It's intuitive and user-friendly, and has helped us improve our debt management processes. The reports and insights it provides are invaluable. Highly recommend.


Bridge QL

Integrate your most important financial systems.

FundStory integrates with your existing tech stack and is up and running in the same day, with no changes to your existing systems or processes.

Return on Debt
M/M Revenue increase
Annual Run Rate

Outperform your cost of capital in 3 steps


Data-driven Insights

Quickly and easily see how much debt capital you have, where it is invested, and the terms and conditions of each investment.


Assess the potential risks and returns of different debt investments, and make informed decisions about how to allocate  capital.


Leverage collaboration tools to share information and insights with other team members and stakeholders.