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Supercharge your funding story with AI

Our primary goal at FundStory is to remove the inefficiencies in the funding process with the help of autonomous AI agents.


Here's how our ecosystem works in 3 steps:

Embarking on a funding journey can often seem like navigating through a maze. At FundStory, we provide a seamless path to your funding success in just three steps. Our AI ecosystem simplifies the fundraising process, making it efficient, intuitive, and highly productive.

Introducing FundStory AI Hub

AI application hub customized for a personalized funding process

Welcome to the Agent Hub, a game-changer for your fundraising journey. Here, we offer a suite of agents tailored to your unique needs, making the funding process not just efficient but personalized.

Grant Discovery Agent

Assists founders in discovering grant opportunities tailored to their industry, business size, and specific needs by continuously monitoring grant databases and providing real-time updates.

Loan Application Agent

Streamlines the loan application procedure by auto-filling required information, tailoring content to different lenders, and assisting in document preparation and submission, reducing time and effort.

Term Sheet Analyzer Agent

Guides founders through the complex world of term sheets by breaking down the elements, comparing multiple offers, and providing actionable insights to choose the best deal.


Your Funding Journey, Amplified: Use Cases of Our AI Solutions

Welcome to the future of fundraising where each founder is empowered by personalized AI agents. At FundStory, our technology is designed to learn about your specific funding goals and work in synergy with your data room. Our AI Hub is a robust platform offering an array of AI agents tailored to optimize every aspect of your funding story.

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Search Agents


Save time and find the right fit

The Search Agent is not just a finder; it's your intelligent navigator in the extensive world of funding opportunities. Whether it's searching for the right loans, grants, investors, or partnerships, the Search Agent uses its intelligent algorithms to sift through endless possibilities, finding the ones that match your unique business profile and needs. By continually learning from your preferences and the ever-changing financial landscape, it presents opportunities that are not just available but tailored, opening doors to success that you may not have even known existed.

Key Features:

Personalized Funding Discovery: Scans a diverse range of sources to find opportunities that align with your business stage and goals.

Real-Time Opportunity Tracking:
Keeps an eye on the funding landscape, updating you with new and relevant opportunities.

Application Agents


Save time and create opportunity

The Apply Agent is more than just a tool for form filling; it's your intelligent assistant for all things related to outreach. Whether it's engaging potential investors through cold outreach, streamlining general intake processes, or filling out loan and grant applications, the Apply Agent's automation capabilities bring efficiency and precision to these often time-consuming tasks. By understanding the unique characteristics of each outreach scenario, it tailors its approach, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in every interaction.

Key Features:

Automated Applications: Utilizes your data room's content to fill out funding applications with speed and accuracy.

Intelligent Cold Outreach: Crafts personalized messages for investor engagement, leveraging insights from your business profile.

Decision Agents


Save time and achieve clarity

The Decide Agent is more than an analyzer; it's your intelligent guide through the multifaceted world of term sheets, deals, and investment opportunities. It's designed to help you navigate the complex landscape of choices by not only providing profound insights but also equipping you with tools to compare, contrast, and evaluate various options. Whether it's analyzing intricate contracts, assessing multiple investment pathways, or simulating potential outcomes, the Decide Agent turns complexity into actionable intelligence.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Term Sheet Analysis: Decodes and demystifies complex term sheets, translating them into insights and practical guidance.

Strategic Option Evaluation: Helps you weigh various investment options by comparing and contrasting them based on key metrics and alignment with your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Agent Hub?

An innovative platform that offers a suite of AI agents, each designed to simplify and optimize different aspects of the funding process, from searching for opportunities to applying for funding to making strategic decisions.

What types of data can I upload to my data room?

Your data room can contain various types of data relevant to your funding process, such as your pitch deck, cap table, financial projections, key documents, and bank data.

What is the AI Powered Automation Agent?

The AI Powered Automation Agent is a tool designed to take the complexity and time-consumption out of the fundraising process. It can help you discover potential funding sources, apply directly to potential funders, and track your applications.

How do I get started with FundStory AI Hub?

Simply upload and embed your data room into vector storage, and you'll have access to all the tools in the AI Agent Hub. From there, you can leverage various agents to automate and enhance your funding journey.

Is there any support available if I have questions or need assistance?

We provide comprehensive support to all our users. You can reach out to our dedicated support team via email, chat, or phone for any assistance you need.

What kind of support can I expect as a FundStory AI Hub user?

All users receive a generous free tier of usage. As you scale, you can opt for our Pro, Premium, or Enterprise packages that offer added benefits such as advanced usage analytics/reporting and priority customer support.