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Our primary goal at FundStory is to remove the inefficiencies in the funding process with the help of autonomous AI agents.

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Workspace for your AI Auto Agents

AI-Powered Funding Assistance
Our autonomous AI agents are always ready to guide you through the funding process, breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps.
Custom Funding Roadmaps
Design a personalized funding roadmap that aligns with your startup's goals and timelines.
Credibly short-term loan application reviewed
FEBRUARY 1, 2023
Reviewed the application requirements for a short-term loan from Credibly and began gathering necessary documentation for submission.
Corl revenue sharing agreement under review
MARCH 14, 2023
Engaged in discussions with Corl to negotiate the terms of a revenue sharing agreement, considering factors such as the repayment cap and revenue percentage.
Monitor the Bluevine application status
MARCH 16, 2023
Regularly check the status of the Bluevine application through the online portal, staying informed about any updates or additional information requests.
Gather necessary documentation for Bluevine application
MARCH 16, 2023
Compile all required documentation for the Bluevine financing application, including business financial statements, tax returns, and bank statements, as well as personal identification and proof of ownership.
Research Bluevine lending options
MARCH 16, 2023
Review Bluevine's eligibility criteria for the chosen financing option, ensuring that the business meets the minimum credit score, annual revenue, and time-in-business requirements.
Process Review
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Grant proposal drafted for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program
MARCH 21, 2023
Prepared a comprehensive grant proposal for the SBIR program, outlining the innovative project idea, objectives, and potential market impact.
Automation Updates