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Revenue Milestone

$500K ARR
Aug. 12, 2020

Non-Dilutive Funding from Clearbanc

APR 4, 2020

Revenue Milestone

$100K ARR
Jan. 2, 2020

Revenue Milestone

$50K ARR
Sept. 24, 2019

Company start

Initial release
APR. 24, 2019
Christian Alexander, CEO
"Customer and revenue growth is one of the hardest thing you can do in a business. Focusing on revenue and non-dilutive cash awards are 2 key ways to grow your business without loss of control"
Julius Bryant, CEO
"Equity investment definitely has its place, but it's very possible to grow a viable business with healthy margins without having to sell away your ownership. Trust me."
Mike Saas
"Everybody has their own skills. Everybody is a specialist. Everyone is good at something that can help others. You just have to get out there."
Sarah Hum, Co-founder
"It feels great to be able to pay people with the money we make. Moving forward, we'll continue to grow our team sustainably."
Ketan Anjaria, Founder
"Find your dream job with career coaching and referrals. HireClub is a diverse community that helps you improve you career."
Simon Julian, Founder
"Understand that if you want to grow something big and great and sustained, you'll have to put in extra work and sacrifices over days, months, and years."

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