Capital Manager

Equip your finance team with advanced tools for calculating risk metrics such as default probabilities, expected losses, and value at risk, as well as tools for visualizing and analyzing risk data.

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Master your debt management

Track performance over time

Monitor your outstanding debt, debt service coverage ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, current ratio, total payback, payments made, and number of payments.

Make strategic decisions

Use real-time analytics and reporting to make data-driven decisions about when to refinance or restructure your debt.

Real-time collaboration and support:

FundStory enables finance teams to collaborate and share information in real-time, making it easy to manage multiple loans from capital partners.

Integrate your most important financial systems.

FundStory integrates with your existing tech stack and is up and running in the same day, with no changes to your existing systems or processes.

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Click on the link above and follow the instructions provided to schedule a demo. This may involve providing your contact information, choosing a date and time for the demo, and potentially providing information on your specific needs and goals.


A FundStory representative conducting the demo will provide an overview of the product and its features, highlighting key benefits and capabilities. This may include a demonstration of how the product works and how it can be used to solve specific problems or meet specific needs.


Overall, the goal of a live demo is to provide potential customers with a better understanding of the product and its capabilities, as well as to help them determine whether it is a good fit for their needs and goals.

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