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Clearco uses a unique corporate revenue share to fund the growth of our portfolio companies. We have powerful predictive models that look at your revenue, ad performance and other third party data to generate funding offers. We don't take equity, we don't dilute you or your investors, we don't take personal guarantees and we don't do a credit check. Our offers are based on your performance.


Are there any fees?

There is a fixed fee of 6% or 12% associated with each advance which is determined based on how you spend the advance. It has no periodic nor compounding interest so you will know exactly how much you are paying up front before you accept the offer and that fee will never increase throughout the repayment process.

How does payment work?

Payments begin as soon as your advance is active, and have no correlation to your spending. Payments are automatically debited from your bank account and are a percentage of your daily revenues from your connected sales accounts. This percentage is determined by your business data and the funding amount and will remain consistent throughout your advance.

Where can I find help with my advance?

Our success team is standing by to help you with anything that may arise during your time with Clearbanc. You can reach us by phone or email. We also have our help center full of articles, videos and how-to’s.


🙅🏻‍♀️ No Prepayment Penalty
⌛️ Fast Funding
🚫 No Credit Check
🏡 No Personal Guarantees
📝 No warrants
🥨 Variable Payments



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