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Hustle Flywheel was born when the team at Hustle Fund saw thousands of great founders looking for capital who needed an alternative to equity financing. Since then, we've been helping companies get the funding they need to grow.


How can I use the money?

Use the money from Hustle Flywheel on growth drivers of the business e.g. digital marketing spend, inventory purchasing, and other expenses as discussed. Not sure if your upcoming project qualifies? It never hurts to ask!

What are the fees associated with this deal?

There is no upfront fee required to apply for financing. There is a fixed fee associated with each advance that is to be paid over time. This fixed fee is 6 - 12% for a 6 month duration.

How long will the process take?

The entire process from application to disbursement of funds can be completed within 3 days of receiving the requisite data from your company. Once we determine that your company is a good fit, we will disburse the funds within 24 hours.


🙅🏻‍♀️ No Prepayment Penalty
⌛️ Fast Funding
🚫 No Credit Check
🏡 No Personal Guarantees
📝 No warrants



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