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Zero dilution. Keep your equity, board seats, and vision intact. 100% transparent process. No hidden fees. No personal guarantees or warrants. Quick and easy access to up to $3M capital.


What do I get besides just the money?

Lighter Capital’s team has many years of experience funding and scaling startups. Many of our clients who have gone on to raise venture funding made their first connections at VC firms through the Lighter Capital leadership team. If you have a question or problem, chances are someone in the Lighter Capital community has been there before and can help you. Both our team and our community are very supportive, and will help you in any way we can.

What do I owe in return?

We will ask for a percentage of revenue (usually between 2% and 8%, never more than 10%) until the total repayment cap is reached. Generally, this is calculated and debited monthly via Automated Clearing House.

What types of businesses do you fund?

Our revenue-based financing model is best suited for software, SaaS, tech services, digital media, and similar companies. For entrepreneurs in these high-growth, high-margin markets, Lighter Capital’s revenue-based financing is a new way to raise growth capital without giving up equity. Entrepreneurs in industries with inherently more hard assets (i.e. collateral) will generally find that there are existing sources of capital that are better suited for their needs. Those industries include real estate, food and beverage, manufacturing, construction, and related services.


🙅🏻‍♀️ No Prepayment Penalty
📝 No warrants
⌛️ Fast Funding
🚫 No Credit Check
🏡 No Personal Guarantees
🥨 Variable Payments



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