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Get a more accurate view of your business's financial health with the FundStory funding score. We use it to match you with funding offers with our partners so you can take your startup to the next level.

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We know editing and updating research on potential investors can be a slog.

Use FundStory to analyze partners inside one platform. Create reports, set workflows, & define funding goals at breakneck speed!

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FundStory integrates with your existing financial tech stack and is up and running in the same day, with no changes to your existing systems or processes. No implementation required.

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Get more than a score.

FundStory uses real-time transaction data from bank and credit card accounts.

While every lender is a little different, our model can help you determine whether you’ll qualify for a credit product before you apply.

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Perks of improving your funding score

Before we discuss how to improve your Funding Score, we need to understand why it's so important. Aside from knowing exactly where your business's financial health stands, to your ability to secure loans in general, your Funding Score can determine the odds of success of many of your financing efforts. Your Funding Score is key factor lenders use to determine how likely you are to pay back credit.

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Inviting a teammate to Fundstory

Proactively analyzing numbers with your teammates is a must-have for any modern finance team. Inviting your teammates to Fundstory allows you to unleash the full power of collaborative financial planning software.

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How to generate a funding score

To generate your personalized Funding Score, you will need to start by creating a Fundstory account. You will then be prompted to connect your payment processing software, accounting software, and business bank account, all of which are needed to produce an accurate Funding Score.

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