Save equity with venture capital alternatives


Not every business is a good fit for venture capital, but the alternatives can be highly fragmented.

Use FundStory to power your way towards on capitalizing your business with alternatives.

Save time

Planning use case

Create a plan for reaching your funding target

Set funding target goals

Set a funding target to be matched with appropriate the capital partner

Receive tailored recommendations

Receive recommendations on the optimal type of funding that's right for your business

Save equity

Forecasting use case

Run scenario analysis to understand your cost projected cost of capital

Minimize dilution

Receive offers from our growth list of non-dilutive capital capital partners

Compare and contrast

Analyze the benefits of multiple funding option side-by-side

Save money

Refinancing options

Attract refinancing or restructuring based on performance

Management tools

Manage financing into maturity

Multi-loan management

Manage multiple loans in one consolidated space

Value-add at every stage  

Match with


Capital partners



Types of non-dilutive capital



Ownership & control of your business

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